Hello! I am Edgar Refskegg. I live in the kingdom of Atlantia and have spent much time in the East Kingdom. I began participating in the SCA in 2013 where I attended Ice Castles in the Barony of Black Diamond. I started off most interested in A&S and that is where I continue today along with a side of rapier. I dabble in a lot of A&S and my main interests are research, enameling (and soon more in depth metalworking… I’ve definitely opened a can of worms here), brewing, and various other activities such as leatherworking. Essentially, if I can learn something new or help someone else learn, I am happy.

Here are links to my Atlantia OP and East Kingdom Wiki pages. Enjoy!

My email: edgar[at]refskeggbrewing.com


This website is built using the Jekyll static page generator with a modified version of the Alembic theme by David Darnes. It is hosted on github using Github’s ssl cert and my own domain name which was obtained through gandi.