• Storvik Novice

    At the Storvik Novice event I entered into the Novice competition. The desire was to enter in at least nine items of similar type to be used to baronial largess. I entered in 12 medallions representative of the Storvik Barony’s various awards. They were: Order of the Owl (A&S award), Silver Silkie (Fighting Award), and the Order of the Lozulet...

  • Ruby Victory

    At Ruby Joust I entered a pair of enameled Caer Mear populace badges for the A&S competition and won the Ruby prize for A&S! :D They were super fun to make and people seemed to really enjoy them, which is great. At court after receiving the prize brooch I bestowed upon the barony the enamels! I hope they enjoy them.

  • Night in Navarre!

    Night in Navarre was yesterday! Anya and I entered a couple grape medallions into the A&S competition there as a representation of the winemaking region in Navarre, and we won!

    Now on to the next one!

  • Pennsic Class!

    I’ve signed up to teach at Pennsic! I’m pretty excited, and nervous because it is my first time teaching or doing anything A&S related there. I’m really looking forward to it!

    I will be teaching a Champleve enamel class and a lecture about the Venetian Arsenale. The enamel class will be fairly technical and is going to focus on how...

  • More Content

    I’ve been working more and more on this website inbetween classes and life stuff. It’s coming together to a point where I’m more willing to share it with others. I’ve tinkered a lot in the last few years so there’s a lot to add.

    In the mean time, I will be going to a few events in Atlantia in the...

  • Cool new website

    Welcome to my A&S website! I’ve been meaning to create one for several years now, and I’ve finally gotten the time to do it. It’s going to be really nice because I can easily document the things I do and further allow others to find my research and thoughts in an easily accessible manner.

    I hope you enjoy it! Thanks...