Documentation Process


I write my documentation in markdown files and convert to pdf’s using Pandoc and a LaTeX template. As of 27 April, 2019 I have started to use Chicago style footnote citation for my documentation. It seems to lend itself a little bit better for historical papers.

This github repo has several example files showing how I document my projects. The contents of the README file are copied here as well.

On Linux (Ubuntu in my case) with Make, Pandoc and the requisite TeXLive packages installed, one may easily be able to replicate this process.

The required files are the Makefile, the .latex template, a .md file, and optionally a logo and references file. These must all be in the same directory. When the Makefile is executed with make, it will use Pandoc to convert the markdown files into pdfs.

Using my scadocs repository as an example, please follow below.


Make. Pandoc installed. (e.g. sudo apt install -y pandoc) All Latex modules installed. (e.g. sudo apt install -y …)

* texlive-binaries
* texlive-fonts-recommended   
* texlive-generic-recommended
* texlive-latex-base
* texlive-latex-extra
* texlive-latex-recommended   
* texlive-pictures

Maybe more Texlive packages. I am never certain… Basically just install whatever Pandoc gets mad at you for.

Create Docs

Update the makefile with the new documents (should be pretty straightforward to follow) Type make, which will run pandoc with the latex template.

Indeed Windows users will have to perform different steps for both Pandoc and LaTeX. However, it can still be done on Windows CLI. I think Mac will also be similar to Linux (with slight modifications).

Please feel free to email with any questions.